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Digi Traffic MultiplierGlad you found us, here at ShadowCoder software reviews we provide in-depth and comprehensive software reviews about many software application programmes that are frequently offered to end users in many specific niches. If you have become frustrated and disheartened with marketers in the past after making a software purchase, stay tuned. Our aim is to save you the time and effort it requires to choose the best software program that fully fits your needs, by eliminating any doubt about whether the software solution you are sourcing, is exactly what it says it is, and does precisely what the claims say it can do, without any of the hype.

There are literally thousands of software developers online who create some amazing software programs for various applications, particularly within the internet marketing arena. Unfortunately, once these programmers have fulfilled their clients requirements for a piece of software, their marketers then take over. As you may already be aware or have experienced, some of these marketers use some unscrupulous methods to promote and sell that software to unsuspecting end users, some making outrageous claims as to what the software will actually do and is capable of producing.

We have purchased many pieces of software in the past from a few of these so called marketers, only to discover after buying that the claims they make on their sales pages were totally inaccurate and misleading, but only after we paid and launched the software programs. It made me very angry and frustrated. I am definitely not saying all of these internet marketers are intentionally ripping you off, but there is a small portion of these people who deliberately set out to exploit customers, charging outrageous sums for software, where, in some cases similar products that can produce the same results, can be sourced for free, or the software is nothing like it is described.

We will reveal which pieces of software to avoid at all costs, the scammers, for who and what they are, I will expose their claims and tactics they use to motivate you to buy.

Of course we will review many software programs that are available, that we have thoroughly tested and found to work with regards to the claims made and actually perform the tasks as stated. We only review what we have purchased and used ourselves. We also encourage users to submit their own valuations of products they have purchased, as well as their experiences whether good or bad, to build our database of reputable software developers and software, as well as a database of which ones to stay away from.

As we continue to add reviews to our database, we hope you continue to return to this site to keep abreast and informed about our regular updates, stay ahead of the curve before you throw any more money away for software you may regret buying, it’s not always easy to get a refund from these scammers either. We also welcome you to suggest to us which particular items of software you would like to have us review, if there are enough requests for a review of a certain product, we will consider providing one for our users.

On to the reviews.
This is a review of a recent product purchase we made called Free Mass Traffic. Before you even think about buying this software, read our free mass traffic review, you will definitely reconsider your purchase decision after reading this, believe me. In short, our recommendation is, don’t waste your money.

We have purchased a number of products from this particular developer in the past, our review of one of his recent developments is summarized below.
List building is an important and necessary strategy if you are contemplating an online business, Digi List Builder is a WordPress plugin that will help you accomplish that task quite successfully, it’s just a matter of uploading it to your blog, add your info and save. Read our Digi List Builder Review for the full lowdown.

Further software reviews will be posted here as they are completed. You owe it to yourself to investigate any software you intend to purchase, our reviews will assist you in making those buying decisions before it’s too late.